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Back and spinal cord injuries have a tremendous impact on people's lives. Many people who suffer these injuries are unable to work and live with constant pain. At Aiken & Jacobsen, in Sacramento, California, we have the skill, experience and resources to help people who have suffered spinal cord injuries maximize the compensation they receive for their injuries.

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Spinal cord injuries can have a wide range of impacts, from paraplegia and quadriplegia to bowel problems and loss of involuntary functions such as breathing. We have handled spinal cord and back injury cases involving herniated disks, lower back injuries, back and neck injury, spine injury, and broken backs.

While almost any accident can result in a back injury, some types of accidents have a higher incidence of severe spinal cord injuries:

Our attorneys have significant experience representing people who have suffered spinal cord injuries. We regularly work with medical experts, life-care planners and career rehabilitation experts to determine the long- and short-term consequences of spinal cord injuries. We also consult with accountants to ensure our clients have the resources to deal with any financial matters associated with their injuries.

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