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Accidents involving motorcycles often result in serious and catastrophic injuries. Motorcycle helmets, skull caps and riding gear offer only minimal protection to riders hit by cars and trucks. At Aiken & Jacobsen, in Sacramento, California, we are committed to helping bikers collect compensation for their injuries.

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The most common cause of a multi-vehicle motorcycle crash is negligence on the part of another driver. Inattentive drivers simply do not see a motorcyclist and violate their right of way. Even at low speeds, this can have tragic consequences for the person riding the motorcycle. Head trauma, back injuries, and broken arms, legs and hips are not uncommon. Road rash, which can be equated to a first-degree burn, can cause excruciating pain and result in significant scarring.

Our attorneys have significant experience working with individuals and families dealing with the consequences of motorcycle accidents. We strive to educate our clients, so they can make important decisions about their case. In addition, we work with a number of medical and accident reconstruction experts to help us understand the cause of the accident and long-term medical consequences of our client's injuries.

Protecting The Interests Of Injured Bike Riders

Motorcycle accident injuries can have a more significant impact than the physical injuries. Often injured riders are unable to return to their jobs, some are unable to ride again, and the most tragic accidents can result in death. Our experience handling a broad range of motor vehicle accident cases, coupled with our past experience as insurance defense lawyers, allows us to tailor our representation to the specific needs of each rider.

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