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Mild brain injuries, traumatic brain injuries and brain stem injuries change lives. Brain injuries not only impact the injured individual, they impact families as well. At Aiken & Jacobsen, in Sacramento, California, we are committed to helping ensure our clients and their families have the resources to move forward with their lives after a brain injury has occurred.

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When most people think of severe head injuries, they think of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) that leave people in vegetative states or unable to care for themselves. However, mild brain injuries can be harder to identify and are just as devastating. Some of the common signs of closed head injuries include personality changes, emotional changes and memory loss.

While any blow to the head can result in brain damage, some of the leading causes of mild and traumatic brain injuries include:

Our attorneys have been focused exclusively on representing injured people for a decade. We employ the services of a wide range of experts to show the current and long-term medical and financial issues associated with brain injuries. Some of the experts we regularly consult include neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuropsychologists, life-care planners, vocational rehabilitationists and economists. Our attorneys have the skill, experience and resources to handle brain injury cases.

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