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A large number of intoxicated or impaired individuals who cause motor vehicle accidents either have previously been charged with drunk driving, caused another car accident, or are driving with a suspended license. If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident where a drunk driver is at fault for your injuries, it is important you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer at Aiken & Jacobsen as soon as possible.

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From our Sacramento, California, office, our firm provides comprehensive and personalized representation to clients who have suffered a serious injury in a collision with a drunk driver. We understand a car accident is a difficult situation to deal with on its own, without the added complexity of the driver who hit you being drunk. Our firm works to hold the negligent and intoxicated driver responsible for the injuries you have suffered.

Failing a sobriety test and being charged with a DUI is only one aspect of the consequences a drunk driver may face. We help our clients understand the police procedures used to determine the drunkenness of the negligent driver. We begin the case by gathering all the evidence that indicates the drunk driver was negligent in getting behind the wheel while under the influence. From there we build a tightly argued case based on the facts to obtain compensation for all your injuries and damages.

In addition to handling personal injury lawsuits to seek compensation for the injuries suffered by the victim of the accident, our firm handles wrongful death lawsuit cases in which a family has lost a loved one in a fatal car accident.

Dram Shop Liability Laws

The Dram Shop laws refer to an individual's ability to take action against the bar, restaurant or other establishment that was serving alcohol to the drunk driver who caused the accident. We are experienced with litigating cases involving the California Dram Shop liability laws and can effectively explain how they may come into play when pursuing your case.

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